PP/HDPE woven ground covers, designed for superior weed control and soil protection. Ideal for agricultural and landscaping applications, our landscape fabrics and weed barriers offer durability and efficiency. Perfect for farms, orchards, vineyards, and gardens.

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Our advanced loom-crafted PP woven ground covers are essential for effective weed control and soil protection in various agricultural and landscaping applications. They are widely used in farms, orchards, vineyards, and gardens to maintain soil moisture, reduce erosion, and improve crop yields.   

Our advanced loom-crafted PP/HDPE ground covers offer optimal plant protection by controlling weeds, protecting against temperature changes, managing erosion, and preserving soil moisture. Customizable in various specifications, they are water-permeable, UV-resistant, easy to install, and durable. These covers are suited for agriculture, gardening, and similar applications, combining practical functionality with an attractive appearance for plant and flower beds. Recognized for their high workable strength, low elongation, and remarkable durability, our ground covers stand out as a reliable choice.   

For agricultural use, our weed control fabrics are ideal for row crops, orchards, and vineyards, providing a durable barrier against weeds while allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil. The plastic mulch and ground cover fabric are perfect for protecting soil from erosion and maintaining optimal growing conditions.   

In landscaping, our weed barrier landscape fabrics are used to create clean, weed-free pathways and garden beds. They are also suitable for use under gravel, paving stones, and other decorative elements to ensure long-lasting, low-maintenance landscapes. Our erosion control fabrics help prevent soil erosion on slopes and embankments, making them ideal for construction sites and agricultural fields.


Our PP/HDPE ground covers provide a safe and eco-friendly solution, reducing maintenance time significantly. These covers enhance agricultural management, easing cultivation in nurseries and farms with the option to pot or plant in straight lines. The UV-stabilized cover is durable, reusable, and resistant to bacteria, mildew, and ground insects, promoting plant health. Acting as a preventive measure against soil erosion from heavy rainfall, it preserves land integrity and serves as an effective stabilizer, especially valuable in regions with heavy rainfall or winds, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions.   

Our ground cover fabrics are made from durable, high-strength materials that are resistant to tearing and degradation. They are permeable, allowing water and nutrients to pass through while retaining soil moisture. This helps to maintain optimal growing conditions and reduce the need for frequent watering.   

Eco-friendly and sustainable, our biodegradable ground covers offer an environmentally friendly solution for weed control and soil protection. They are reusable and recyclable, aligning with sustainable farming and landscaping practices. The erosion control fabrics are particularly effective in preventing soil erosion, protecting valuable topsoil, and maintaining landscape integrity.   

Our PP woven ground covers offers numerous advantages, including effective weed control, soil protection, and enhanced plant growth. These weed barrier fabrics are designed to block sunlight, preventing weed growth without the use of harmful chemicals. This promotes healthier plants and higher crop yields.  


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