We Tailor for Various Industries

Providing High Quality Bags Customised to Specific Needs


PP/HDPE Woven Products are essential in agriculture Industries, providing sturdy protection for packaging grains, maize, flour, rice, pulses, spices, sugar, sunflower seeds, salt, cattle feed, polymer, fertilizer, hardware items and animal feeds. They are best in storing and transporting bulk products, ensuring a damage free transport. Unaffected to moisture and humidity, these bags safeguard sensitive products. Their woven design helps in breathability, preventing moisture build-up, while UV resistance protects contents during outdoor storage. Cost-effective and customizable, they help in reducing packaging expenses and improving branding. Additionally, these bags are reusable and recyclable, aligning with sustainability goals. They also contribute to erosion control when filled with soil. These Woven products are versatile, durable, and vital for improving agricultural efficiency.


PP woven products, are valuable in the construction industry. They offer strong packaging for bulk materials like Cement, Tile Adhesives, Sand, soil, concrete, pipes, buildings, etc protecting against environmental elements like moisture and dust. Known for strength and durability, they withstand rough construction site conditions. Customization options help in easy material identification and branding, enhancing inventory management. Woven geotextiles contribute to erosion control, stabilizing soil. Additionally, these products are used for containing debris, creating temporary enclosures, and serving as safety nets in scaffolding. Their cost-effectiveness further benefits construction projects with budget considerations. In essence, PP woven products play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in construction.


PP/HDPE Woven Products are essential in the mining industries, providing healthy packaging for bulk materials like coals and ores for upto 2000 KGs capacity. Known for strength and durability, these bags protect against environmental elements and UV rays. Their breathability prevents moisture build-up, important for materials requiring ventilation. Customizable options support in material identification and branding, and their cost-effectiveness is valuable for handling large volumes. The lightweight design simplifies handling during transportation. PP woven products play an important role in enhancing the efficiency and logistics of coal and mining operations.


PP woven products, play an important role in transportation owing to the durability, flexibility, and customization options we provide. Their strength makes them suitable for transporting heavy materials, while their flexibility allows for the efficient handling of various goods. PP/HDPE fabrics are used to cover the trucks , trailers, containers , boats etc. to provide a layer of protection from outside environment. Additionally, resistance to moisture and UV rays ensures product protection during transportation. Dunnage bags ensure to fill in gaps between cargo stuffed in containers , providing safe logistics . The cost saving and lightweight nature of PP woven products contribute to capable handling, reducing labour efforts


PP woven products, play a crucial role in the chemical industry. They offer durable and resistant packaging for hazardous materials like pesticides, fertilizers, Cyanide, Calcium Carbonate, Powder Coating Chemicals, other chemicals, etc. ensuring protection against moisture and maintaining product reliability. Customization options enable easy identification and handling procedures which can particularly be important in chemical industry where different products may require specific handling. Multilayer, extra inner layering ,perforations are some special features we can provide as per customer's requirements. The strength, UV resistance, and cost-effectiveness of PP woven products donate to their suitability for packaging harsh chemicals and large volumes of products.


PP woven products, are an integral in the forest industries. They offer durable packaging for timber, wood chips, and seeds, ensuring protection against moisture and environmental elements during transportation and storage. Additionally, these products find use in erosion control and provide cost saving, customizable, and UV-resistant solutions. Their versatility covers to bundling and wrapping timber, backing efficient logistics. With the added benefits of being reusable and recyclable, PP woven products play a crucial role in the sustainable and efficient handling of forest products.

Animal /cattle feed

PP woven bags are essential in the animal and cattle feed industry, offering durable packaging for ingredients like grains and pellets. Their strength and durability safeguard feed during storage and transportation, protecting against moisture, pests, and contaminants. The breathable design maintains feed freshness, and customization options aid in easy identification. Cost-effective and lightweight, these bags streamline logistics and contribute to the overall quality and safety of animal feed.


PP woven products, are valuable in the FMCG industry for their strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Customizable in size and design, they enhance brand visibility on store shelves. Treated for moisture resistance, these products are suitable for packaging sensitive FMCG items. Their ventilated structure preserves the quality of perishables, while being reusable and recyclable aligns with sustainability goals. The lightweight design facilitates efficient logistics and distribution in the fast-paced FMCG sector. In essence, PP woven products play a crucial role in enhancing packaging efficiency and functionality for a variety of FMCG items.

Refugee camps

PP woven products, play a crucial role in refugee camps. They provide quick and efficient solutions for shelter, offering lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant materials. These products protect refugees from the elements, contribute to hygiene, and aid in transportation and storage of essential supplies. Used for erosion control and flooring, they enhance living conditions. Customization options facilitate organization and branding, while their cost-effectiveness makes them valuable in resource-constrained situations. Overall, PP woven products are essential for addressing the diverse needs of refugees in emergency situations.